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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little Gracie Childress

littlegraciedog@yahoo.com If you are interested in adopting Little Gracie please email. We will get to everyone a.s.a.p.

Little Gracie Childress    This is her Face Book page. That has all of the information regarding her story since Nov. 4, 2011 along with pictures and video's. Her blog is brand new and I am still in the process of updating and of course learning through trial and error to get this also up to date.

If anyone would like to Donate to Little Gracie please do so! Any funds large or small raised on her behalf will go directly to her account.

Thank you all so much! This has been truly a blessing to have her on the news stations that we are overwhelmed. I am trying desperately to get to everyone personally! Thank you for your patience.
Kathy Childress

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