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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas is a time for giving!!! We wish you all a beautiful, safe and warm Holiday season!

Give the ultimate gift of the season, your heart, your donation, your support, your love and maybe your home!
Little Gracie Childress shared her own photo.
I hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday season, out shopping, spending time wi...th family and friends and even traveling. I know how hectic the Holiday's are, but I just would like to remind everyone about Little Gracie! She is still praying for her special Angel to come and rescue her to enjoy the Holiday's too! Yes I know that maybe the gifts under the tree might get a little ripped or the tukey and ham on the table may dissapear before anyone notices. But when you look into those beautiful eyes and the complete excitement of being an innocent little puppy knowing that she has touched your heart and your life, I know exactly what she would say if she could talk, " OMG, mommy this Santa guy is so awesome he left me toys, paper, bows, slippers, bones and some yummy food on the table! Thank you for giving me a warm, safe, fun and loving forever home." You would see it in her face and you would truely feel it in your heart! Christmas is a time for giving not only of gifts but of yourself. What a beautiful gift someone would recieve from Little Gracie!
Please keep posting, keep her story alive by telling your friends and family and most of all please do not give up on Little Gracie! I gave her my word that someone would give her a chance that she may of never had a few weeks ago. That we are not as awful as the person who abused her so unjustly and there will be someone she touches that will come and love her so much that she will have that forever home. A home where she will NEVER hurt again, be cold, be afraid, be hungry or a home where she will never doubt the love someone will have for her.
Thank you to all of you that do everyday continue to help her, love her and pray for her!
We love you my sweet Little Gracie and I will never give up on you until your puppy prayers are answered!
“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.” Anatole France
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