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Friday, December 16, 2011

" We Have No Voice "

 We Have No Voices
  by, Kathy Childress
I wrote this November 15, 2011 when I started posting all of the little babies that needed help,,,,,,,

I have no voice to scream or cry.
I have no voice to tell you why

"So why oh why do I have to die"

What did I do to make you cry?
What did I do all I did was try.

"So why oh why do I have to die"

I am scared and cold now I will not lie.
My heart is broken I think I will cry.

"So why oh why do I have to die"

Why does it hurt so bad inside?
Why because I have no voice on the outside.

"So why oh why DID I have to die"

To all of the babies from all of my babies!

For all the babies that die everyday, when no one will open up there own eyes. If you think that the next person will help well, it is just to late. God Bless you all!


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